Short Getaways

Short Getaways

These are short tours that are meant for adventurers who have limited time and want trips that last a day or two. Using our expertise and knowledge we carefully craft itineraries that ensure you have the best out of the short time. They are also pocket-friendly.


Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

Loiyangalani means “a place of many trees” in the native Samburu tongue and is home to the El Molo, an almost extinct community in the Northern Kenya region also considered…

  • Kenya

Naivasha, Hells Gate Geothermal Spa Day Trip

Lake Naivasha located approximately 2 hours from Nairobi is the second largest freshwater lake in Kenya. Hell's Gate National Park is a tiny park located between Lake Naivasha and Longonot…

  • Kenya

Nairobi National Park and Corner Baridi Day Trip

A short drive out of Nairobi’s central business district is the Nairobi National Park. Nairobi National Park is unique by being the only protected area in the world with a…

  • Kenya

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