Nairobi Kenya Drivers/ Guides

Our team of Safari guides comprise of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable local guides who strive to make your safari an unforgettable experience.

  • Title: Driver/ Guide
  • Years with KSS: 10
  • Notes: For over 10 years, Jamal has worked as a driver/guide in Kenya and Tanzania. With an amiable personality, touring with Jamal is always an exciting experience. He has great knowledge in wildlife, culture and history of Kenya and speaks English.
  • Title: Driver/ Guide
  • Years with KSS: 20
  • Notes: Stephen Gitau is the most important asset of the company, by ensuring that our fleet is in a good shape. Apart from the fleet maintenance Gitau is also an experienced driver/guide.
  • Title: Driver/ Guide
  • Years with KSS: 20
  • Notes: Crispus has been with Kibo Slopes Safaris for over 20 years. He is the senior driver/guide with vast experience in East Africa. Chris is always ready to share his experience, knowledge and love for nature with curious visitors.
  • Title: Driver/ Guide
  • Years with KSS: 20
  • Notes: Dufton is a seasoned driver/guide with over 20 years experience in the industry. Having travelled widely in Kenya and Tanzania, he is equipped with extensive knowledge on the Parks, Wildlife and popular destinations in the respective countries. He finds it rewarding when clients write back thanking him for a memorable safari.
  • Title: Driver/ Guide
  • Years with KSS: 9
  • Notes: Charles has been with Kibo Slopes Safaris for over 10 years. When travelling with us, Charles will make your holiday unforgettable by taking you to Kenya’s top attractions. With knowledge of Kenya, Charles is a delightful and informative driver/guide who also speaks French.

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