Rwanda Staff

Meet our team in Rwanda

  • Title: Tour Consultant
  • Name: Hitiyise umuhire Adeline
  • Years with KSS: 2 Year
  • Notes: Adeline is now involved in choosing the right hotels, transportation and activity partners. She loves the look on the face of guests, when they are happy and excited to experience Rwanda, this make her try all her best to exceed guest’s expectations.
  • Title: Tour consultant
  • Name: Samuel Uwitonze ( Mussa)
  • Years with KSS: 1 Year
  • Notes: Samuel Uwitonze holds a degree in Tourism and Travel Management from Rwanda Tourism University College. His personal experience in tourism began many years ago while growing up at Imbabazi Orphanage, where he experienced meeting tourists from around the world on their journeys through Rwanda. Even as a child, Samuel naturally enjoyed meeting people from around the world who held an interest in his country. Through this early life experience an interest in tourism was born, in addition to an ongoing education and passion for photography. He is able to offer himself as a highly knowledgeable first hand guide to the many wonders of Rwanda, while offering his guests personal knowledge in photography. While working at Kibo Slopes Rwanda, he offers our guests a unique opportunity to bring home beautiful memories of their trip to fascinate and inspire for a lifetime. Knowing that everyone has very special interests for their vacation, Samuel as a travel consultant works closely with each traveller to tailor their journey to Rwanda in a way that strives to fulfil their personal expectations and travel wishes.

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