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Experience the best of Uganda! Using our expertise and knowledge we have carefully crafted a number of itineraries which combine the most remarkable places and experiences in Uganda. They’re well thought of and every detail is taken care of so that you have an easy time on your safari whichever time of the year you want to travel. All you have to do is choose an itinerary and add it to your wish list.


Ssese Islands Beach Getaway

The 84 lush equatorial Ssese Islands are located on the northwestern part of Lake Victoria. Forests teeming with wildlife, delightful empty beaches and a peaceful environment provide a unique and…

  • Uganda

A 3 Day Gorilla Tracking Safari

Visit the Mountain Gorillas in the Bwindi impenetrable forest and enjoy the ultimate gorilla experience. Its home to the world’s remaining mountain gorillas, who feed on roots, leaves and fruits…

  • Uganda

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